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Whitefish Lake, Montana: An Alluring Natural Destination

‍Whitefish Lake, nestled in the heart of Montana, is an enchanting oligotrophic freshwater lake that offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake, known as “epɫx̣ʷy̓u” in the Salish language, meaning “has whitefish”, is regarded for its serene beauty, diverse ecology, and abundant recreational activities.


The majestic Whitefish Lake earned its moniker in the mid-19th century due to the plentiful mountain whitefish found in its waters. This aquatic gem has been a vital part of the local ecology and the human communities surrounding it for countless decades, presenting a fascinating blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.


Surrounded by Flathead County’s captivating landscapes, Whitefish Lake is located northwest of Whitefish city, resting at an elevation of 2,999 feet. The lake spans a surface area of approximately 5.2 square miles, with a maximum length of 5.8 miles and a width extending up to 1.4 miles. Its deepest point reaches a staggering 233 feet, offering a unique habitat for various aquatic species.

The lake’s geographical features also include a myriad of tributaries such as Swift Creek, Lazy Creek, Hellroaring Creek, and Beaver Creek. These water bodies contribute significantly to the lake’s hydrological system, providing a dynamic and ever-changing aquatic environment.


Whitefish Lake supports a diverse array of native fish species, including the river’s namesake mountain whitefish, largescale sucker, longnose sucker, northern pikeminnow, peamouth chub, redside shiner, fathead minnow, and mottled sculpin.

However, the lake’s ecological balance has been disrupted by the introduction of non-native species. Species such as northern pike, kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, brook trout, and lake whitefish have been introduced, leading to competition with native species and altering the lake’s ecological dynamics.


Whitefish Lake is not just a haven for wildlife, but also an alluring destination for recreation. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in a multitude of activities, including fishing, kayaking, boating, and water-skiing. The calm and often windless lake surface makes it an ideal spot for water sports.

The lake’s shoreline is home to Whitefish Lake State Park, a magnificent park that offers opportunities for camping, swimming, and picnicking. It also features a sandy beach at the lake’s outlet, adding another layer of charm to this alluring destination.

Whitefish Lake State Park

Sprawling across 10 acres at an elevation of 3,012 feet, Whitefish Lake State Park is a hidden gem in Montana’s treasure trove of natural wonders. As part of the Whitefish hiking and biking trail system, and located a short drive away from Whitefish Mountain ski resort, the park serves as an ideal base for countless recreational activities.

The park offers 25 campsites, including tent-only and RV camping opportunities. And for those on two wheels, a hike-bike campsite is available, making it a convenient stop for cyclists traversing the nearby Great Divide route.


Whitefish Lake State Park is equipped with numerous amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for visitors. These amenities include ADA Accessible facilities, bear-resistant storage lockers, boat launch, boat rental, firewood for sale, grills/fire rings, maps, parking, pay telephone, picnic shelter, public restroom, shower, toilets, and trash removal.


The park encourages a variety of activities, making it an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Visitors can enjoy bicycling, boating, camping, fishing, paddleboarding, photography, RV camping, swimming, tent camping, water skiing, and wildlife viewing.

Volunteer Opportunities

For those who wish to give back to the community and nature, Whitefish Lake State Park offers volunteer opportunities. From maintaining park facilities to assisting in educational programs, volunteers can contribute in various ways to preserve and enhance this natural sanctuary.

Fees and Reservations

The park maintains reasonable fees for residents and non-residents. Montana residents who pay the state parks fee with their annual vehicle registration enjoy free daily entrance to the park. Non-residents can pay a day use entrance fee or purchase a Nonresident Entrance Pass for unlimited access. Campsite fees vary depending on season and available amenities. Reservations can be easily made online through the park’s reservation system.

Whitefish Lake and the encompassing state park are undeniably a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike. From its rich history and diverse ecology to the plethora of recreational activities it offers, this natural gem embodies the spirit of Montana’s pristine wilderness. Whether you’re an avid angler, a water sports enthusiast, or simply a nature lover, Whitefish Lake promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s grandeur.

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