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Fifteen Notable Regional American Sandwiches

We can all agree that Americans love a great sandwich. The type, origin, and preparation of the sandwich are often the subject of debate. For example, a muffuletta is the iconic sandwich of New Orleans, while in Des Moines the pork tenderloin sandwich is popular. A French dip is a staple in Los Angeles, and one must try the beef on weck when in Western New York. Many of the best sandwiches in the world were created in the U.S., and fortunately, these delicious regional recipes can be enjoyed no matter where you live. Give these iconic American sandwiches a try!

Beef Weck Sandwiches

American Sandwiches

Origin:  New York

The beef on weck sandwich is a simple yet genius creation. It consists of thinly sliced roast beef, piled on a freshly baked kummelweck roll, and coated with horseradish.  We want to make sure everyone knows how amazing it is. Serve it with chips or fries, pickles, and a small side of beef jus for dipping, and you’ll soon realize why this sandwich is so beloved in Western New York.

The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

American Sandwiches

Origin: The American Midwest

The BPT (Breaded Pork Tenderloin) sandwich is an iconic meal that has attained a great deal of fame in the Midwest, particularly in Iowa and Indiana.IMany describe the sandwich as “crispy and crunchy… [with] tender deliciousness!”

The Hot Brown

American Sandwiches

Origin: Kentucky

The Louisville Hot Brown is the only open-face sandwich to make this list and it is certainly not an ordinary hot turkey sandwich. It was created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky to be enjoyed with bourbon. Variations can consist of turkey breast, bacon, a mornay sauce that is made with cream and Pecorino Romano cheese, and toasted white bread. To make the Hot Brown, assemble the ingredients and then bake it in a broiler until bacon is crispy and the top is golden brown.

A Delicious Delicacy – Lobster Rolls

American Sandwiches

Origin: New England

When it comes to categorizing a lobster roll, it doesn’t really matter since our focus is more on devouring this New England classic. The roll in which the lobster is served is similar to that of a hot dog bun; it is grilled and toasted. The lobster roll is made up of lobster meat diced in cubes, mayonnaise, a hint of lime juice, a small amount of hot pepper sauce, green onions chopped, and celery. All of these ingredients make it a delicious sandwich that should be included in the best regional sandwiches.

Spiedies, a Grilled Chicken Dish

American Sandwiches

Origin: New York

For those residing in or near the Binghamton region of New York, don’t miss out on the Spiedie Fest–the summer’s most noteworthy event! It’s a sandwich festival and balloon rally all in one. The term “spiedie” (SPEE-dee) originates from the Italian word for “spit,” “spiedo,” and it simply refers to meat cooked on a skewer. This scrumptious sandwich, crafted by an Italian immigrant named Camillo Iacovelli in Central New York, disregards the accepted rules of marinating meats, yet it works wonders and is incredibly delicious!

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak

American Sandwiches

Origin: Philadelphia

This sandwich is a classic favorite of the city of Philadelphia that is filled with flavor. It typically consists of thinly sliced steak that has been cooked with onions and other spices, and is served on a roll. It is often topped with melted cheese, and is a great way to enjoy a tasty meal.

When it comes to the Philly cheesesteak, there are thin slices of beef and melted cheese served between a hoagie roll. As to which cheese is the best option, there is much discussion surrounding it; some people favor provolone, some white American, while others are adamant about using Cheez Whiz. Ultimately, the choice is yours, based on your own personal taste and preference.

The New Orleans Specialty Sandwich: Muffuletta

American Sandwiches

Origin: Louisiana

These large sandwiches first became popular in the Sicilian Deli in New Orleans around a century ago, thanks to the unique and flavorful olive salad they are served with. It is essential to use the best Italian bread with sesame seeds for a true muffuletta experience. Don’t forget to double the olive salad recipe if it is your first time making it, as it can easily last up to a month! It is also recommended to use round loaves of bread to achieve the traditional muffuletta look.

Midwest Loose Meats: A Delicacy

American Sandwiches

Origin: The Midwest

This distinct cuisine, hailing from the Midwest, is known for its unique taste and flavor. Loose meats are a popular dish in this area, and have been for many years. The unique blend of spices and seasonings creates a unique flavor that is hard to replicate in other dishes. Many people who have tried it have found it to be a tasty and enjoyable experience. Loose meats have become a Midwest staple, and can be found in most restaurants in the area.

If you have not encountered a loose meat sandwich, it could be compared to a sloppy joe but without the tomato-based sauce. This dish requires crumbled, browned ground beef which is simmered with chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce, and brown mustard until most of the liquid has evaporated.

The Cuban Sandwich

American Sandwiches


Origin: Florida

The Cubano sandwich is a famous Florida-based creation, typically made of ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles.  You can adjust the ingredients and amounts to your own personal tastes. It is served on Cuban bread.

The French Dip

American Sandwich

Origin: California

The French dip sandwich doesn’t come from France, it’s Californian in origin and was invented in Los Angeles. Known for its thin slices of beef and seasoning au jus, it can be likened to a beef on weck. However, the French dip is usually served on a baguette, hence the reference to France.  French fries make for a great accompaniment and are also good for dipping.

The Horseshoe

American Sandwiches

Origin: Illinois

A creative take on the open-face sandwich that calls for toasted bread and hamburger patties, covered in French fries and cheese sauce. Springfield, Illinois is a great place to find horseshoes, although the cheese sauce varies from place to place. If there is only one slice of bread and patty used, the dish is referred to as a ponyshoe. Additionally, this recipe can be easily modified by using chicken tenders instead of hamburger patties.

A Po’ Boy Filled with Shrimp

American Sandwiches

Origin: New Orleans

A spicy rendition of the classic New Orleans sandwich a combination of hot, crunchy shrimp and chilled crab mayo.  To get the best experience, it is best to enjoy the sandwich when it’s fresh and crunchy.”

Italian Beef Sandwich

American Sandwiches

Origin: Chicago

Chicago’s take on the classic sandwich of thinly-sliced beef on a roll is made unique by the inclusion of giardiniera peppers. This sandwich is best served on crusty rolls, with the option to add roasted sweet or hot peppers.

The Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

American Sandwiches

Origin: Oklahoma

For many of us Americans, a visit to Route 66 to get that classic chicken fried steak sandwich is not always practical. Yet we can still enjoy making one in our own kitchen with either a cast iron skillet or an air fryer. You can make this dish a bit healthier by air frying, but you can also use a cast iron skillet if you prefer.

The Primanti Sandwich

American Sandwiches

Origin: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh isn’t the only Pennsylvania hub that boasts some seriously delicious sandwiches. The city is home to the iconic Primanti’s® sandwich, a delectable combination of French fries, adobo and vinegar-seasoned slaw, tomato, pastrami, and provolone.  This sandwich is a classic, and can be found downtown or made at home with any variety of meat. In addition, it’s possible to give the sandwich a crunch by partially toasting the bread, and to make it even tastier by adding onions, if desired.

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